Idyllic Summer Moments

Nantucket in June

Summer is finally here! As soon as my little one finished school, we hopped in our big suv and headed for New England. My husband, who is usually more take charge, took a back seat and this trip was planned completely by moi. I LOVE the east coast and still dream of living there one day.  But I dream of many things that will probably just stay in my head of course lol. Sometimes it is better than reality, don't you think? .

First, we spent a night in Boston to visit some friends, then headed to Falmouth, MA on the Cape. We found the most adorable cottage just a short drive from the beach. I love when the hosts have good taste in decor! We took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard the next day, where we biked 6 miles to Edgartown. If you have not been here, you MUST add it to your bucket list. It is just so amazingly beautiful. We ate brunch at Among the Flowers cafe. So delish. We biked back to the ferry and I was quite proud of my couch potato self for doing 12 miles on a bike (of course I stopped a few times, once at the bridge from the movie Jaws which was quite nostalgic. I love to educate my French husband on American pop culture lol. 

The next day was Nantucket (photo above). Unless you have to go further into the Island, this is definitely a walkable day trip. Just as gorgeous, if not more so, than the Vineyard. We visited to the Whale Museum, had lunch at The Whale (where we ate Korean lol) and checked out the quaint boutiques, which were so lovely and it is always so educational to get feedback from the seasoned shop owners who have been at this business successfully for over 25 years. 

After four days in Cape Cod, we drove to our last stop, New York City. I was anxious to see what my 7 yr old daughter thought about such a big, loud, energetic environment. It turned out she loved it for two very important reasons: The visit to FAO Schwartz and seeing the movie The Little Mermaid (hey, it was raining!). If that's what it took to plant the seed, then I'll take it. 🌺




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