An Epiphany in Springtime

Now that Spring is in full bloom, those of us in the north especially, crave the more mild weather and warmth of the sun on our face. We begin to slow down and re-focus on our needs and practice more self-care since we know we soon can't hide in our big sweaters and coats. I like to embrace the size I am as I begin to head towards swim suit season. It just doesn't serve anything in life to stress about looking "perfect" like the women we see daily as we scroll through Instagram. Who we all know, use filters and other effects. However, it is important to feel our best in what we are wearing every day to keep us confident out in the world. 

I have come to the realization that we will always have in our minds that we can "do better" than where we are. This is what keeps us going. New goals, and exciting opportunities to work towards. Starting this fashion e-commerce business is definitely one of these for me! Even more important than achieving our ultimate destination, is the journey. Hard work is just that, and can be unpleasant and exhausting at times. If we remind ourselves that it is temporary and that each stride we complete, there is (hopefully) a reward. I also can relate this same idea to raising my children. Some nights I am just too tired after a long day to help with the homework, but to get through it, I visualize the confident young lady my little daughter is becoming each time she masters something new. It is all so worth it in the end!

For me, investing in a wardrobe that makes me feel good when I look in the mirror and gives me the peace of mind to be true to my values, is worth it. I hope as the fashion industry continues the discussion about sustainability, that our customers are listening and making better choices accordingly. We all get excited to add those special pieces each season and it is better for all of us to love them so much to want to wear them over and over. And I am very confident that you will continue to enjoy your beautiful, eco-chic Épanoui pieces for years to come.🌺 

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